Neural Networks

Making a Predictive Keyboard using Recurrent Neural Networks | TensorFlow for Hackers (Part V)

Have you ever wondered how predictive keyboards work? You know them - those you use or your iOS or Android phone. Let's build a model using a Recurrent Neural Network using Keras that does just that!


Neural Network from Scratch | TensorFlow for Hackers (Part IV)

Let's build Neural Network classifier using only Python and NumPy. We will implement the Backpropagation algorithm and use it to train our model. Finally, our newly created classifier will be used to recognize digits from the MNIST dataset.


Building a Cat Detector using Convolutional Neural Networks  | TensorFlow for Hackers - Part III

Let's build a Convolutional Neural Network that can distinguish cats from dogs using only raw pixel values. We will use a little helpful library called TFLearn. Is it going to be good enough to correctly classify your cat or a dog?

Machine Learning

Building a Simple Neural Network |  TensorFlow for Hackers (Part II)

In this one, you will build a Neural Network which tries to decide whether or not a student has drinking problem. Will you get good accuracy from the model?