Machine Learning

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning | Deep Reinforcement Learning for Hackers (Part 0)

In these series, you will build and train your own agent while learning about Deep Neural Networks, Q-learning, Bayesian Reinforcement Learning and some of their friends. All of this implemented in Python using PyTorch. Shall we?


Credit Card Fraud Detection using Autoencoders in Keras | TensorFlow for Hackers (Part VII)

How Anomaly Detection in credit card transactions works? In this part, we will build an Autoencoder Neural Network in Keras to distinguish between normal and fraudulent credit card transactions.


Human Activity Recognition using LSTMs on Android | TensorFlow for Hackers (Part VI)

Ever wondered how your smartphone, smartwatch or wristband knows when you're walking, running or sitting? We will train an LSTM Neural Network (implemented in TensorFlow) for Human Activity Recognition (HAR) from accelerometer data. The trained model will be exported/saved and added to an Android app. We will learn how to use it for inference from Java.


Making a Predictive Keyboard using Recurrent Neural Networks | TensorFlow for Hackers (Part V)

Have you ever wondered how predictive keyboards work? You know them - those you use or your iOS or Android phone. Let's build a model using a Recurrent Neural Network using Keras that does just that!